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My classroom door is open!  Please feel free to be a guest reader at your convenience.  You may bring your own book or I will gladly provide a book for you.  We welcome you!


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Kindergarten Readiness

Before entering PA Pre-K Counts, most children have not had opportunities to interact with other children and adults, have had limited exposure to high quality books and stories, and have not participated in experiences that support their emerging academic skills such as math or reading. By enrolling in PA Pre-K Counts, these children are able to get a jump on their academic, social, cognitive, and physical skills. Not only do these children show great strides at the end of the program, but they are typically better prepared for kindergarten than the non-PA Pre-K Counts child.

Evidence of child outcomes and parent and teacher testimonials suggest that Pennsylvania Pre-K Counts is preparing children for  kindergarten and success in school.

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Due to Covid 19 we cannot have guests in our classrooms or plan any field trips.  I am hoping this will change soon.


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